Have you ever felt like you need a helping hand with an aspect of your work? Maybe you’ve just been promoted to a higher role with different responsibilities. Or been given more staff to manage. Perhaps you want to develop your people management skills.

I can support you to identify areas for development, and how you can achieve them.

Performance Coaching

The type of coaching I offer is known as ‘Performance Coaching’, which helps to develop skills and knowledge, and improves job performance. It’s particularly helpful for people who aren’t able to get any additional development support at work.

Coaching can also be helpful for people who feel that counselling is too intense an option for them, but have an issue that they want to resolve, such as bullying. Rather than exploring the reasons behind the issue, as counselling would, we instead look at techniques for dealing with them.

Performance coaching can be used to:

  • Improve management and communication skills
  • Identify the early warning signs and coping approaches to work related stress and conflict
  • Develop strategies for dealing with redundancy, job searching or career change
  • Develop assertiveness and positive self presentation
  • Provide additional support during job role and career transitions
  • Provide a one-to-one approach to personal development

Coaching usually lasts three or four sessions.


One difference between mentoring and coaching is that mentoring can provide essential support during a transition for an individual, such as taking on wider responsibilities or going freelance or self employed. A mentor provides guidance and shares their knowledge and experience to support their mentee during that transition.

Because of this, mentoring tends to be a longer term relationship than coaching.

For more information or to make an appointment contact Barbara Matheson.